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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Create a jquery extension for handling dom insert events

Very often when I'm building a web application, I need to dynamically create some objects and append them to the dom. Well thats ok, but if there are some additional calculations that you need to do after inserting your objects, then things are getting a bit messy. For example you need to position your objects according to a relative parent object's dimensions or initialize a plugin that requires your object to appended to the dom.  Well there is always a way of getting around issues like that, but I wanted to keep thing simple and to do that I needed some king of "onDomInsert" event.

Friday, March 15, 2013

JQuery UI resizable layout

I've created a plugin for jquery ui that enables developers to create layouts that can be resized by the users, and brings a more functional frontend design.
You will need git to download it. The repository url is

Object Oriented JavaScript Using JQuery

Javascript becomes more and more popular these days, and what best way to write reusable code if not writing it the OO style. JS is not your tipical programming language, the classes in js are not actualy classes, but funcions. Every function has a prototype object that contains methods and properties, we can use this object to write javascript classes.
1. Creating a JS Class:
To create a js class you need to create a function and after that you can use the this keyword to access the object's properties and methods.