Friday, March 15, 2013

JQuery UI resizable layout

I've created a plugin for jquery ui that enables developers to create layouts that can be resized by the users, and brings a more functional frontend design.
You will need git to download it. The repository url is

How to use:
Creating a vertical resizable layout:

Some Content Here
Some Content Here
Creating a horizontal layout:

Some content
Some content
Creating a mixture of horizontal and vertical layouts:

Your content
Your Content
Your content
type - determines the type of the layout (horizontal or vertical);
resizable - if true than the layout would be resizable be the users
helper - enables or disables the use of helpers when resizing
panes - an array of panes; the pane should be set as an array: the first element of the array should be the id of the element and the second is optional and it should be an object that holds the minimum and maximum width or height used when resizing.
You can view a live demo here.

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